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Blackness consumes Devin Shephard as his car plunges into what should be a watery grave. He shouldn’t be able to survive; he should be dead. But instead, Devin finds himself reborn with new superpowers that offer renewed hope for crime-ridden Decker City.

The human brain can only survive 6 minutes without oxygen, so how did Devin survive 20 minutes in frigid, icy river waters? His pursuit for answers leads to more questions when the young man discovers an unexpected side effect of his near-fatal car accident; the ability to move objects using his mind.

With his newly acquired power of telekinesis, Devin is thrust into the world of vigilantism, with his grandfather as an unlikely mentor and sidekick. Crime has washed over Decker City like a plague, and now the shy office worker feels compelled to use his unique ability to take a stand.

His hometown is in danger, and someone is behind the massive surge in crime. Donning a hood, Devin takes to the streets fighting for justice, and protecting the innocent. The police see him as a nuisance, but the public sees him as their salvation. Can this unexpected superhero discover the mastermind orchestrating the evil that’s terrorizing the city, or will Devin’s crusade cause him to lose everything he holds dear?

Adam has a strange side hustle—getting into organized street fights and, using his unique ability to quickly heal, he always wins. But, when he sees The Silver Hood in action, he decides to use his powers for the greater good.

Adam bounced from foster home to foster home, and each time his ability manifested, he was branded as a monster, an outcast. Drifting through life, with no direction, Adam’s world changes when he crosses paths with the hooded vigilante from Decker City.

Seizing the chance to reinvent himself as a hero, Adam looks to partner with the Mapleton police department. As the police aid Decker City with their investigations, Adam must try to conceal his abilities while working alongside Lieutenant Shane Cranston.

Uncovering something bigger, and more threatening than they ever imagined, the unlikely duo begin to realize that the threat to Decker City has found its way to their doorstep. As danger threatens those closest to Adam, can the man who doesn’t believe in himself stand in the way of an all-powerful criminal organization? Or will the would-be hero’s self-doubt lead him to falter when the city needs him most?

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