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The Agency of Supernatural Events: The Doctor 

Called to investigate a potential bio-weapon outbreak, commander Chris Hoffman must lead his team of elite TASE (The Agency of Supernatural Events) agents to neutralize the threat—but nothing could prepare them for the horrors that await.

Tasked with responding to emergency calls that seem "out of the ordinary," the freshly established Agency of Supernatural Events is assigned a new mission as they follow the trail of destruction left by a maniacal terrorist named the Doctor.

Middle-aged and longing to retire from duty, Agent Hoffman is driven by his need to apprehend the deranged scientist—no matter the cost. With his dependable and very capable second-in-command Jade Burleigh, tough Weapons Specialist Frank Parker, and tech expert Myles Johnson, the experienced agent once again throws himself into the action. But, could this latest assignment be too much for the team?

As the agents head into the unknown and discover that the high-stakes situation could turn deadly for any of them, will Hoffman and the rest of his team manage to contain the outbreak and capture their suspect? Or will the Doctor manage to escape their grasp to continue his reign of terror on the unsuspecting public?

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