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Works In Progress

Here's a preview of some upcoming stories I'm working on.

Marble Surface
Ghost & The Lone Wolf Cover.jpg
Marble Surface

Ghost & The Lone Wolf

Ghost & The Lone Wolf, book 3 of the superhero series. 

Yes - that's right, I already have a cover for this sequel. That's how excited I am for this story. 

Kate Phillips is Ghost. Yes, the same Kate Phillips from The Silver Hood whose articles appeared throughout the book and became a minor character in DeathWish, now shares the spotlight as a major character in this story with badass, ex-military man, Nathan Hobbes, aka, The Lone Wolf. 

Ghost & The Lone Wolf tells a story about Kate and Nathan and their adventure together as they unwillingly team up to piece together a deadly plot set forth by the man known only as Scarface.

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