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The human brain can survive six minutes without oxygen before it starts to completely shut down. Devin Shephard went a full twenty minutes without oxygen when a devastating car accident left him fighting for his life. He survived but not without side effects. Neurotransmitters flooded the left side of Devin’s brain, altering its structure and leaving him with the ability to move objects with his mind. As a result, Devin has been thrust into the world of vigilantism, hiding his identity under a hood to help stop the crime that's been spreading through the city like a cancer. The Silver Hood follows Devin as he explores and adapts to his newfound powers.

Decker City, Devin's hometown, is in danger. Crime runs rampant and the citizens live in constant fear, but soon Devin finds that he can use his unique abilities to help make his city safer. Under the cover of night, he puts on a hood and takes to the streets, fighting for justice and protecting the innocent. The citizens see Devin as a vigilante; the cops see him as a nuisance. Someone is behind the massive surge of crime and it's up to Devin to figure out who they are, before they figure out who Devin is...

Solar Eclipse


Justin Richman has had a fascination with superheroes and science fiction since he was a child. He has memorabilia from both the DC and Marvel universe all over his home office which help give him inspiration to write.

He graduated from Temple University, majoring in Risk Management, Insurance & Actuarial Science. Currently, Justin is writing his second book in his superhero series.



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Adam has a unique ability—he can heal from any injury. Thus far, he's used his ability for bar fights to win money. But after getting fired from his job, he realizes he needs to turn his life around.

He partners with Shane Cranston, a lieutenant with the Mapleton police department. After going on an eventful ride-along with Shane, Adam begins to put his ability to the test. While working together, they stumble upon evidence linking certain people to the terroristic events that had previously occurred in Decker City.

Adam and Shane realize something bigger is happening and the threat may be far from over. The criminal organization that was once believed to be only in Decker City has found its way into Mapleton and it's up to Adam and Shane to stop it before it's too late.